Fanny was born and raised in the culture-rich and tropical paradise called Costa Rica.

Her first visit to the USA was as an exchange student. Shortly after graduating college, she returned to the USA for a brief vacation and along the way, God introduced her to her future husband, Mark. With her marriage, Mark and Fanny became a two-country family and split their time between Costa Rica and the United States.

Fanny’s journey into art began as a child with a camera. Since she was old enough to hold a camera, she loved capturing and freezing life through a lens. In the early 2000’s, she started to create art and by 2013, she was working with large-format canvas prints. studioTica was established to showcase her work and honor her Costa Rican heritage.

Looking to push herself creativity, Fanny had a vision of capturing photos inside glass and so started her exploration of the fused glass medium. In Costa Rica, Fanny grew up around active volcanoes and the 1400-1600 degrees required to fuse glass reminded her of the incredible power of, and delicate beauty that can come from, such intense heat. Fanny’s goal remains to one day blend the mediums (glass and photography) to create unique and amazing items.

In 2019, Fanny was introduced to the fragrant delicacy of soap. With soap, Fanny has been able to combine her love of Costa Rica, photography, and glass.

Fanny is blessed to be helped and encouraged in this endeavor by her husband, Mark, and daughter, Elizabeth.